Client I (3)

Property Manager

My services provide full operation, control, and oversight of your estate with unmatched care & accountability.  I oversee building inspection and maintenance; supervise service providers; and fulfill any requests or resolve any complaints regarding your home.

Client T (2)

Trusted Vendors

Need quotes from reputable contractors, plumbers, electricians, or any other home services?  I work with a network of highly rated & trusted vendors to exceed all your expectations.

Client I

Event Planning

Booking dinner reservations, transportation and generally making the impossible-possible are all par for the course. I use my contacts and businesses to fulfill any request you may have from dinner reservations to private event planning.

About Me

Having spent several years in the hospitality industry planning and managing high end events in & around Newport, I transitioned to become a private property manager.  Through clear communication and attention to the finest details, I provide reliable and trusted concierge services responsible for the welfare of my clients homes, possessions, and management of their day to day tasks.  As my business grows, so does the scope and quality of my services.  The impact on my clients is not easily explained, as it is hard to quantify and/or qualify.  It can only be experienced, and I welcome that opportunity. 

Brooke Gimple
BG Property & Concierge Services LLC


Client I (4)
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  • Brooke and her team at BG Concierge truly care for our home as if it were their own. Brooke is relentless when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of her clients.

    K. G.

  • Brooke’s goal to help make an owners life easier and relieve them of the burden of coordinating vendors, arranging house cleaning, maintenance reminders and follow up on key systems, receipt of packages, etc. have alleviated the stresses of owning a second home for my wife and I.

    D. O.

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